Thursday, 18 April 2013

Delicious Detox!

I love a lazy morning! 

I woke up this morning with a rare day off, and a not so rare hangover :)

Although I was seriously hankering after a full fat coke and a runny egg barm, I dipped into the vast reserves of my willpower (After not using it last night to refuse gin) to create a little detox breakfast!

The first 'Course' on the menu is a pint of hot water with a whole lemon squeezed in.
Lots of pseudoscience floats around about the supposed health benefits of hot water and lemon, but I think we can safely say it contains a LOT of vitamin C, helps stimulate your sluggish hungover digestive system and hydrates! (Well Duh!)

Now its time for some green lemonade!
Spinach is a massively nutrient dense food, it contains heaps of vitamins and minerals so we will use this as the basis for our detox juice.
The only other compulsory ingredient is a whole lemon, skin and all! Todays forage around the fridge also produced these additional flavour and vitamin enhancers! 2 Kiwis, 2 raw beetroots and a big handful of fresh mint.

Time to chuck it all in your juicer!

I feel healthier just looking at this picture!!

The final course is a nice big plate of avocado & chilli on toast.
Apart from the skin enhancing fats and piles of vitamin E, avocados are believed to help liver function- perfect for a day after the night before recipe! I must eat at least 1 avocado every day, I am obsessed by them! This recipe is super simple, and just accentuates the natural loveliness of the avocados creamy flavour.

Take a ripe avocado, add a little sea salt and pepper and a squeeze of lemon.

Fresh ground Kashmiri chillies are my choice of poison here, they are quite mild and have a lovely rich flavour. They add a little kick and flavour without too much heat.

Mash a little (I like mine quite lumpy) and apply to your chosen toast. I like something a little nutty/seedy to give a different texture and flavour depth.

Now put the radio on, put your feet up and enjoy!

I promise this will make you feel a million times better than a bacon sandwich!

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