Thursday, 25 April 2013

Hot Spring Sushi style Salmon

You may know by now that I am a Sushi addict,  A DIE HARD sushi addict!... Ahem...

I have been searching a long time for a recipe that combines my love of salmon, avocado et al and gives it a more dinnertime feel.

So I get home this evening with a big juicy, ripe avocado in my bag & find some lovely pink salmon fillets in the fridge, and so I have adapted the lovely Delia Smiths classic Salmon with Avocado & creme fraiche sauce recipe to fufill that need!  After consulting the amazing flavour thesaurus (find it here..)  I was reminded how well salmon and wasabi go together, and that I had never tried it on hot salmon! So to work!
Original recipe is Here...
I will pop my changes in below!

Begin by taking said salmon, and giving it a liberal smothering in some snortingly spicy wasabi! Having the powder at home to make your own is best, but ready made (like mine tonight) is fine :) Pop in a pre heated oven for about 20 mins.

Whilst your salmon is steaming itself to perfection, grab your avocado and mash it to smithereens! Add rock salt flakes, fresh milled black pepper, a drizzle of both lemon juice & red wine vinegar and finally a dash of tabasco!

Fold in a big gloop of Creme Fraiche and pop in the fridge to chill until serving time.

About 5 mins before the salmon is done, put any green veg is season on to steam- I have runner beans, asparagus & courgettes today and have created a simple lemon vinaigrette to lovingly complement them. I use 1 part good olive oil, 1 part white wine vinegar, seasoning and a good squidge of fresh lemon juice.

Ah Voila! 
Plate up as prettily as you please! Hot Spring Sushi style Salmon! 

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