Sunday, 7 April 2013

Low carb Tomato and Basil Tortilla

I am afraid I am too much of a bread fan to have followed the low carb trend with a vast amount of success, however I do seem to have a knack of creating some beautiful no carb foods, which I am always passing on to anyone who mentions they are trying atkins, south beach etc for themselves.
 So I thought I would share a few of my favourites on here to help you stick to the diet where I have failed!! 

Breakfast (or anytime) Tortilla
Now I religiously and boringly went 4 weeks surviving on 2 boiled eggs with a sprinkle of maldon salt before I came across this beauty! It creates about 8 portions, and is perfect to take into work fresh from the fridge for a quick breakfast or warmed up for a snack later on.

Take about 4 medium white onions- spanish preferably as they are a little sweeter than other varieties, place in a frying pan with a tbsp of groundnut or other plain oil.

 Add a knob of butter to help the caramelisation, a sprinkle of maldon salt flakes to keep the onions sweaty and a good shake of dried oregano to infuse a lovely herby woody taste in. Chop up about 4 tomatoes into eighths and chuck these into the mix too. Cook the onions off until they have reduced in volume by a third, and are just turning a little brown (roughly 15-20 mins on a lowish heat)

Whilst the onions are cooking, grate 50g of hard, strong cheese- I like parmesan, and 50g of a softer, subtler cheese- gruyee and red leicester among others have been used here to good effect, it tends to be whatever is looking tempting in the cheese box that day! Crack 6 free range eggs in a bowl- duck, hen, large, medium, just not quail, that would be silly..
and add in the cheese. Season with a little more salt and some fresh ground pepper, then rip- never cut! A big handful of fresh basil leaves into the gooey mix.

The background glass may, or may not, contain a gin and tonic....

Now pop all of this on top of the onions, give it a stir until you are happy with the distribution of the ingredients. Continue to cook on a low heat in the pan until it has started to set in the middle, then pop a little (ok a lot!) of butter on top and then place under a grill until brown and bubbly on top.

 Apologies for the lack of a 'finished' photo, in my greedy rush to consume this little beauty I forgot until I was half way through eating! And I hadn't touched my salad either- I did eat it all after though :)

This recipe works out at about 179 cals and 4g carb per portion (if split into 8) 

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