Saturday, 13 April 2013


I am seriously addicted to raw fish! Tuna, salmon, prawns: I love them all!
Here is a peek into my lunches for the week!
(Warning, may contain sushi!)


Sasa Sushi: Sushi and Sashimi Bento box

Alaska rolls, salmon and tuna sashimi, mixed salad, miso soup & some fish ball goodyness

A staple of mine as Sasa is only a 30 second trip from my desk- handy when you are having a hell of a busy week at work! Wonderful staff, Juicy fish, always a tasty treat!


Sasa Sushi: Tuna Tataki

Another ridiculously busy day, another awesome favourite from Sasa. The tuna is seasoned before a very brief introduction to the pan leaving the outside delicious and caramelised and the centre sweet, juicy and RAW! Served with a tangy ponzu sauce and so, so good! I added a whole avocado with a little sprinkling of salt to punch up the calories as tuna doesn't have many, my skin was rejoicing as I plated this up!


Itsu: Mixed Sashimi

I am a big Itsu fan, fresh, low calorie and always a big yum dish (as Greg Wallace would say) The sashimi may be of a lesser quality than Sasa, and may have a crap load of seaweed that I can never bring myself to eat but it has edamame beans! And the (not so very) spicy sauce! 

Thursday: See monday. Another tried and tested awesome fast lunch, makes me almost not mind being up to my ears in work! Almost...


Hix@Selfridges: Avocado & chilli on toast, Strawberry and Earl grey Bellini.

Took the afternoon off to get pampered with a friend before an awesome party that evening. In between a weave, shoe shopping and getting rejected for a manicure I managed to grab a tiny spot of lunch -well it was about 4 but hey, it was my second meal of the day- if you can count an apple as breakfast! Mushed avocado on toast, almost a thick guacamole actually- on a slice of brown toast with chilli powder sprinkled liberally on top, Scrummy! All washed down with a very fruity and delicately jasmine scented Strawberry & Earl grey Bellini.

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