Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Foodies Festival!

Saturday was a glorious sunny day in London, perfect for wandering around a food festival in lovely Hampton Court Palace as I did.

I love the collection of sheer wealth of different cuisines on offer & the cakes, delis, and of course the demonstrations!

Obviously the first place I honed in on...

Ah yes, sushi, champagne & cupcake breakfast!

Omar Alibhoy creating some lovely simple tapas ( Shelina Permalloo from last years Masterchef is compering)

My favourite smell on a sunny day, BBQ!

Herbal Haven living up to their name!

Luxury fudge & lillys

Karantani had some amazing breads & cakes on offer

Wonderfully spicy Papaya salad

Lime, mint, raspberry, ginger ale and vodka cocktail

Enjoying the entertainment on the deck chairs :)

I <3 Sausage!

Passionfruit cider, unexpectedly awesome!

Ooar! Hay bale chairs!

Gennaro Contaldo (Two greedy Italians) was definitely the most popular!

Cupcakes featured pretty prominently everywhere!

I spent a lot of time eating the wonderful samples at this stall :)

Vivek Singh of the Cinnamon Club

Lunch time!

Champagne at the Lanson Bar

Gorgeous weather!

If you are planning to attend any of the Foodie festival events later this summer, I would recommend skipping a VIP ticket for reserved seating and just arriving early if you want a good seat for demos- they were very popular!

Details for the rest of the festival dates are here..

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