Thursday, 30 May 2013

T is for...

When I was younger, my favourite outfit to play consisted of a pair of black ski pants, a snazzy embroidered waistcoat and a graphic T shirt fresh from my Dad's printing company. (Teenage mutant ninja turtles anyone?)
Things seem to have come almost full circle, except I tend to drop the waistcoat in favour of a blazer to give myself a semblance of respectability in the office.. ahem.

On to a selection of Tee's I am coveting this week!

1. Band T.
Essential Glasto wear, £17 ASOS Marketplace

2. Cropped, cute & coral.

3. Breaking the law in a Deconstructed Dad band Tee
£42.61 Shopbop

4. Team up with some converse and channel your inner Nirvana fan :)

5. 'Trying' out the Varsity trend..

6. Sick logo Tee
£38 ASOS

7. An evil unicorn Tee! I never knew I needed one until now!
£22 ASOS

No waistcoat required! Well, maybe just one :)

(Vivienne Westwood@ ASOS  £75)

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