Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Glastonbury time!

This time next week, I will be in a sunny field (no mud please!) sipping cider and listening to amazing music!
For this week however, I am stuck with panic buying on ASOS for what to wear to my first Glasto! Fringes, flower garlands and hunters ahoy! Here is my pick of what to pack :)

1. Eastpack rollout holdall £35 ASOS
Got to have something to chuck everything in first right!

2. Hunter Original gloss green wellington £85 ASOS
Because the harder I pray for sun, the harder it will probably rain- and I need puddle jumping protection!

3. A warm hoody: Bit of a selection here as this always becomes my staple wear!

Killstar Go to hell sweatshirt £38 ASOS

Boy London hoodie £65 ASOS

Comme Des f down hoodie £60 ASOS

4. Snazzy leggings- black just wont cut it!

90's Tie dye leggings, £16 ASOS

Purple Nebula leggings £38 ASOS

5. Tassels & Flowers.
Festival staple, enough said :)

Warehouse simple festival bag £32 ASOS

Johnny Loves Rosie £15 ASOS

6. Rave dress. £33 ASOS
 Loving this psychedelic Freak of Nature dress

And finally, don't forget your wine or your tent!

Wine handbag £29.99 Firebox

Picnic perfect tent £495 Cuckooland

See you at the Jagger off guys!!!

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