Thursday, 13 June 2013

Oblix at the Shard, review.

Nothing beats London on a sunny day! Even the normally tired and bleary eyed commutors (me) have a little spring in their step & will take the time to appreciate the city in all its glory instead of hurriedly rushing to work with their heads down.

It was on a day such as this I visited the Shards first restaurant opening, Oblix. Brought to us by the men who run Roka and Zuma, and based on the 32nd floor- I was ready for some high-high class dining!

After exiting the lift up that made my ears pop, we were led through the kitchen area to our table. A wood fired oven, jars of cookies and piles of fresh vegetables were displayed behind glass cabinets designed to make you drool over what was to come.

All the window tables were taken, but there are really no bad tables here- all have a great view!

The menu is grill house style, with a lovely selection of meat and seafood.

A lovely warm and fresh mini loaf of bread was brought out as we mulled over the steak vs seafood decision!

Dishes picked, the food began to arrive soon after: Aubergine caviar was the first to arrive:

What a colour! Delicately spiced and smokey, this was not just a feast for the eyes.

The steak tartare was seasoned to perfection, though compared to to the aubergine, lacked a little in the presentation department :)

Lobster was next, swimming in a beautiful herby butter. Tender and tasty, the only thing letting it down was the slightly random "keeled over on a spud" presentation... 

The crackling pork belly was juicy and crispy in all the right places. Sweet and spicy with apples and mustard, I think this was the favourite of the evening.

The mains are relatively small, so we used the excuse to try a few of the side dishes. Crispy chips with wonderfully fluffy centres, a very moreish mac and cheese and griddled asparagus drizzled with tangy balsamic.

Despite an extremely tempting dessert menu, we skipped pudding :( I blame the mac and cheese!

As the glorius sun began to set, we left very full and happy.

We were not drinking this evening (for a change, I know!) So the bill came to around £100 for two. Considering a trip to the top for the view is £60, we got a bargain with the food thrown in! I will be back again, though I would pick the bar instead of the restaurant for better views, and to try the puddings of course!

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