Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Surf Maroc

So last week I spent 2 days in gorgeous & scorching Marrakech before heading out to the coast for a surf and yoga retreat with Surf Maroc.

Villa Mandala

Pool at the villa

Hand on heart this is one of the best holidays I have ever had!

The instructors for yoga and surfing were brilliant, the food was amazing and the people I met there were all awesome :)

So many beautiful beaches!!!

So much great food!

Our Yoga shala:

Such a gorgeous peaceful view :)

Atlas mountains

Paradise Valley

Tropical OJ cafe in a stream-what else?!

Wetsuit yoga!

The kitty that melted everyones hearts!

VIP crew :)

In house frog orchestra...

Planking on the villa!

Tai Chi bonus class!

Roomy :)

I miss everyone and everything about this place! 

I am back on the lunch time yoga at home now, surf practice may have to wait until I am by the sea next :(, Moroccan vegetarian cook book by the chef ordered for recreating the delish dishes we had every day and Twinkle time drinks with the Londoners on the cards!

Check out Surf Maroc here:

I really can't recommend them enough, I will definitely be going back!


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