Monday, 3 June 2013

The fish & chip shop review

I used to love a chippy tea. I have fond memories of watching saturday night TV classics like Big break and Bullseye lighting up the TV while I tucked into chips, a Hollands cheese and onion pie and gravy- all balanced on a plate on my knees- paper removed, we weren't total trogs :) And at 19 sat in my flatmates car with the rain pouring down on us, eating them straight out of the wrapper as we couldn't wait to eat our naughty indulgence!
As I've gotten older the excitement around those early chippy dinners has all but gone, and they have gone from being a treat to something I usually only cave in and eat when I am carb loading on a hangover.
Cue 'The fish and chip shop'! A recent opening on Upper St in Islington that promises a posher dining experience than your average chippy. Aside from the regular dishes you would expect are oysters, lobster, scallops and crab. I decided It would be rude not to pay them a visit and "dragged" a few of the guys I work with along to check it out.

The interior was a mix between an un-scruffy byron burger and an american diner, lots of brown leather, distressed wood, booths & cool posters. We sat down at the only table for larger parties in the restaurant (book ahead if your party is more than 4, just in case) and began our perusal of the menu!

All of the boys decided to go for a variation on the beer battered fish & chips, with matching beer of course. I wanted to go for the half Isle of man lobster & chips with a glass of prosecco, but sadly they were fresh out of lobster- gutted! A decision needed to be made fast though as I was last to order. A fish finger and pea puree buttie was the next dish to jump out at me- unlike chip dinners I have never grown out of loving them! I wish I had been more in the mood to try a mix of the delicious looking shellfish starters but I'm sure I will find time for those another day :)

The food is all cooked fresh to order- so it took about 20 minutes to arrive, no fast food here! Though worth taking a friend or book if you are just visiting for a takeaway instead of the restaurant.

Crispy golden fish after another arrived at the table, with chips, fresh tartare sauce and my chunky looking sandwich.

I was given a pretty generous portion of fish and the bread was the perfect thickness so as not to make it too stodgy. The tartare sauce was zingy and the mushy peas (which I normally hate) were sweet and still had a bit of un-mushy bite to them.

Dont judge my generous condiment usage!

The chips were a little bit of a disappointment to me- don't get me wrong, as far as fries go they were lovely. I think I was just expecting more of a traditional chip shop chip. They all got eaten in the end regardless :)

The boys cleaned their plates in record time, so I didn't manage to try any of the fish, but they assured me it was amazing. And I think a whole table full of clean plates speaks volumes!

I will definitely be going back to try the lobster at some point & I'm sure my work buddies will be more than happy to accompany me again! The service was a little hit and miss at times, but they had only been open a week when I visited, so its completely understandable & will no doubt improve quickly :)
189 Upper St, Islington, N1 1RQ.

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