Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Blaze of glory!

So my best friend Emily came for a very long awaited visit at the weekend (Lets not leave it so long next time, eh!)
Her birthday was a few months ago & I was contemplating a gift inspired by our love of cooking (and eating!) And then I saw the Bon Jovi in Hyde Park gig advertised- this immediately gave me a flashback of one of my early twentieth birthdays:  Em & I had spent an evening out at our local bar getting tipsy, giggling and chatting endlessly. Bored and drunk, we then returned to my badly decorated (Postbox red & gold walls anyone?) & poky little flat with a bottle of cheap red wine and proceeded to murder the karaoke hell out of one of my favourite power ballad albums- Jon Bon's Living on a Prayer got a particularly memorable nails the down blackboard accompaniment. A chance to recreate this amazing evening I thought! Perfect!

After big welcome hugs & presentation of a can of gin and tonic at Paddington, we hurried along to make sure we had a good spot and a bottle of wine before the music started. As Jovi belted out hit after hit, we bopped and screeched our way along. Before long, Henry, Zara, Emily and Ben turned up with standard fancy dress items, and things got a little hair metal!

Blow up guitars, anthemic soft rock and superfans followed, Always, You give love a bad name and Bad medicine providing the perfect soundtrack to a hazy, sunny evening!

Gin sodden and sun soaked, the sun started to dip in the sky as Jon Bon gyrated his was through 'Its my life' hands in the air we caterwauled our only slightly improvised version out until the last. The crowd went wild and then it was all over! Sad face!
Or was it? We toddled off to catch a cab to the nearest Lucky voice and paid homage through the medium of rock-eoke to our Power ballad gods once more, full birthday circle achieved :)

P.S If you haven't yet heard, Elton John has had to pull out of the gig this Friday..... so you can get free tickets to see the remaining artists on the bill here: http://www.bst-hydepark.com/12julyupdate
 First come first served, so grab them while you can!

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