Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Food Feast

I feel like I have been missing out a bit on all the ace food festivals and pop ups that are going on at the moment. So tickets for Feast were purchased a few weeks ago, and not even the hangovers we were nursing would stop us! Despite the carnage of the night before that had seen a vast amount of my jarred provisions devoured in some form of drunken food eating challenge.... Anchovies, marmite and chillies were just a few of the victims..
So we made our way to Feast food festival just off brick lane, a fair bit of a trek from far west to east for us, but handy as we were starving by the time we made it there.
This is my first feast, although they have been going for a little while now. Each of their events are made up of multiple market type stalls selling the best in London's street foods/pop ups & fashioned with a theme in mind, this time it was a quirky little village fete.
Little grassy areas were set up filled with cider sipping sun worshippers, there were spaces for mini croquet and coconut shies, a huge awning covered the benches next to a screen showing the  Wimbledon final (Was I the only one in the UK that missed it?) There were hay bales laid out to recline in the sun against, a prosecco bar to top up your drinks at and some DJ's playing beats in the background.

First stop for my friends was When Mac met cheese! Normally I would be drooling all over this, but the extremely hot weather left me questioning their sanity as they each ordered a big tray each of carby, cheesy, gloopy mac goodness. Em opted for the Mum's classic: Mature cheddar, red leicester, parmesan and nutmeg. Whilst Hen chose to go for a Cheesy green afro: Vintage stilton, mozzarella and broccoli- pungent! Luckily for me, they did over order slightly so I got to try a little- both rich & creamy, they didn't not hold back on the cheese, delicious!

Cannot believe I didn't order the Oreos!

Mum's classic

Cheesy green afro

Next up was my turn, and although I had made a plan to try some of the more adventurous stands attending: Bonnie gull for a crab roll & Flat Irons Wagyu beef I was a little hungover and craving something a little more comforting. Hix's Fish dog it was!

Generous condiment usage

A nice succulent piece of breaded fish, fresh out of the fryer & placed in a soft white bun with minted mushy peas and almost drowned (my serving, not theirs!) in some glorious home made holy fuck tartare sauce- Definitely something I will be trying to recreate in the future!

After devouring our first course of street food, we lay back in the sun to soak up some rays on the hay bales and drink some fresh coconut water.

Round two! Some pulled pork from Pig and Butcher, moist and full of flavour: I wanted to finish the lot- it was not my plate to finish however, so continuing along the pork theme I wandered over to Big Apple hot dogs & ordered a Big dog :)

Lots of pickles and mustard smothered on top with a touch of ketchup, perfect!

Sadly we were now totally stuffed, full to the brim! We had a little more of a wander round to try and tempt ourselves onto some of the lovely ice creams and desserts on offer to no avail.

So jumping on the tube we began our epic journey back out west, googling Murray on the train to keep up with the match!

Feast Food Festival was held at Brick Lane Yard
& Cost £10 to enter.
Sadly this event is now over but you can sign up to their website here:
to hear of the next event they put on!

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