Friday, 12 July 2013

Fortnum of the opera

I have a confession, up until October last year, I had never seen a musical in a theatre..
I know, sad- but don't feel sorry for me! I am well on my way to making up for this!
So back to October last year- it was a perfect day! I woke up after a lovely lie in at Browns hotel with Henry on our 1 year anniversary, we ordered breakfast in bed- boiled duck eggs with sour dough soldiers & I was given a lovely present!

First point of call was for lunch at William Drabble at 7 Park Place. Here I had the BEST soup I have ever tasted, Germini of Artichoke with Foie Gras and cepes- earthy, almost too rich and creamy- every mouthful made me give a little involuntary moan or squeak. I can barely remember the rest of the meal such were my blinkers from the soup!
Feeling beyond happy and satisfied we headed to Her Majesty's Theatre for Phantom of the Opera. I laughed, I cried, I tried to sing without knowing the words, I loved every single second of it!

So I decided to share this with Em for her visit, but first, a little high tea was in order!

Having never had afternoon tea before, and trying to book only 2 weeks before for a Saturday, I was a little restricted with my choice- nevertheless we got a table for the grand old dowager of Piccadilly- Fortnum and Mason.

We had a good old mooch around downstairs before our booking, drooling over the cakes and jars of condiments set up in beautiful displays.

The Diamond Jubilee tea salon was refurbished recently and is a beautiful minty light space with well dressed waiters professionally weaving around the tables and the twinkle of the grand piano in the background.

We started off with a glass of bubbly each and chose the tea we would have to accompany our scones: Royal blend for Em and Moroccan mint green tea for me.

Our delicious tower of food was quickly demolished, tasty finger sandwiches, the most delicious fluffy scones I have ever tasted with clotted cream and jam. And a delightful selection of mini cakes: peach melba, chocolate cake, rose cream finger and some others I can't remember. Unfortunately we were a little too full to enjoy a slice of cake from the coronation cake carriage, but sat and sipped our tea with our pinkies up happily instead :)

We still had a few hours before the evenings performance at the theatre so we took some time to wander around a the National gallery, Hyde park and Buckingham palace before heading back to the heart of theatre land in time for the curtain call!

Phantom didn't disappoint! I laughed and cried again, but this time I knew all the words to sing along :)

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