Thursday, 18 July 2013

Forza winning!

Saturday saw me spending a lovely afternoon catching up with my surf yogis Harry and Tanya in a shady beer garden drinking some fruity (and pretty strong!) ales before once more dragging Henry from West to East in the name of street food munching, and once again, it was so worth it :)

I had missed out on trying anything from Pizza pilgrims at Feast last week, as I didn't want to spoil my Forza win experience- I now realise my logic was seriously flawed!

A secret, sunny terrace was our location for the evening, our directions led us round the side of a pub and up a rather cramped stairwell onto the roof where the wood fired ovens were already pumping out some mouth watering smells.

We sat down with a tangy Aperol & chatted to our neighbours as we waited for the chefs to serve up our starters!

The much anticipated first dish was a fresh salad of garlic marinaded courgettes, tzatziki style dip, bruschetta and a tangy sauce.

Pizza after pizza was brought out, margherita, courgette and lemon, spicy njuda, mushroom, and my new favourite flavour- fig, proscuitto and rosemary. Each had a crispy thin sourdough crust and just enough mozzarella to not take away from the flavours of the toppings.

Dessert was vanilla ice cream with bitter green olive oil and crunchy rock salt, another unexpected but amazing flavour combination.

The evening ended with a band playing downstairs, but most of the entertainment came in the form of "The 3 bad mice" who definitely live up to their name :)

A great evening overall, exquisite pizza and a prime sunny location hosted and attended by lovely people.
Next up for Forzawin is a collaboration with The Ginger Pig for 'Cuts', a supper club in an old pickle factory based around: you guessed it- meat! The pizza club ran out of tickets pretty fast, so snap up yours quick!

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