Monday, 15 July 2013

Upstairs Downstairs on the High road

Happy happy news this week!
Our house has finally sold and we can move out within the month! Goodbye zone 7 (yes, it exists!) 100 minute commutes and a complete lack of anything to do in the area, and hello zone 3!! Stepping off the tube into the sun at Turnham green I was greeted by a warm breeze of fragrance from the flower stall positioned just outside. I floated happily towards the high road, stopping to look into the windows of various shops on my way. Charcuteries with hanging sausages, grocers with a rainbow of produce shining out of the windows, fishmongers, butchers, bakeries, clothes, art- a luxury for someone who's nearest convenience is a Tesco express and a KFC a 20 minute walk away from home.

Not too far in the future, this will be the way I wander home, I have a over romanticised picture of me in my head already. Skipping down the road in a floaty dress, a wooden basket over my arm filled to the brim with temptingly fresh purchases ready to cook an impressive dinner for friends…... ahhhh bliss :)

Despite being on day 3 of a juice 'cleanse' (turns out it was a juice diet, hence why I felt starving constantly) I met with Henry and Joe for a chat and dinner. Dinner turned out to be the juice diets downfall as I impressively managed to eat a whole 3 courses all to my greedy little self :)

High road Brassiere was the location for what I will call my 'first course'
We nabbed a table outside to catch the last of the suns warmth and people watch. Although we were supposed to go upstairs to eat, after a glance at the menu I knew I had to sample some of the seafood courses- summer sees me become a little obsessed with shellfish- missing the beach maybe?
I ordered both the Scallops, samphire and chilli and the Razor clams, chorizo and fava beans whilst Henry opted for the classic Cobb salad.

Apart from the awkward moment when the waiter has to try fitting both plates in front of me everything was perfect! The scallops and chilli were sweet and spicy & well balanced out by the salty samphire. The combination of the sweet clams, and beans with the piquant sausage was my favourite though, with beans so fresh they popped in your mouth.

After a few more glasses of chilled wine and lot more talking, we made our way upstairs to try out some more of the food on offer. They have a different menu and kitchen so we were keen to see if the food would be as good as it was at the brassiere.

I opted for a light salad of courgettes, mozzarella, pine nuts and pesto. Henry and Joe ordered Steak and chips and an Octopus salad.

Despite being a bit full, it was so light I had to finish it all & even managed to taste a little of everyone else's food :) I have since tried to recreate my salad with disappointing results- I'll be sure to ask for the recipe next time I go as I can't stop thinking about it!

Time and talk slowed as we filled up, Henry finished off with a hot chocolate made from a gooey pot of chocolate sauce while Joe and I finished our bottle of a crisp Syrah rose with a cheeseboard accompanied by a tangy balsamic onion chutney.

Fingers crossed it won't be long now! I am so excited to be moving into this area, a new chapter!

High Road Brasserie on Urbanspoon Square Meal

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